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Who do you know who is worth singing about?

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Singing Telegram Shows


Via Skype


To anywhere in the world

Skype Singing Telegrams

are more like mini TV shows than the video calls that most of us have experienced, And as you would expect from us, the best thing about them is that they are all about the person you are surprising.


You tell us all about the person you want to surprise and we write a special hilarious song all about them to perform in the show.


Using special green screen technology, the performance, can come from any where. Which ever of our characters you choose, each one has their own green screen environment to perform in. It could be a TV studio, A medieval castle for The Wandering Minstrel, Cartoon land for Digby The Dog, Groovy 60s patterns for Johnny Conquest. You can even have your own Photos and video clips behind the performer, as they sing the special hilarious song that is all about them.


Connect your Skype to a TV or a big screen, and set it to full screen for a larger

than life performance, and then add up to 22 other people to the call, from anywhere

in the world to share the special moment.


In the meantime, we will have sent you a full band production audio CD of their

special song, and a laminated photo lyric sheet, for you to present to them after

the song has been sung.


We can then get into singalong mode and get the whole audience singing along with

extra song choices. As this is a private Skype call, there are no copyright issues.


Our Skype calls are big events, as much as our Live singing telegrams are and work

as well for Weddings, hen parties, Birthdays, Retirements, leaving dos, as they do

for apologies, declarations of love, thank yous and marriage proposals.


We will be going live on Tuesday 1st August, when our new video studio

and fibre optic broadband is fully operational. So if you are wishing to surprise

someone anywhere in the world, Contact us today
















Mike Minstrel Mike The Minstrel
Minstrel Greetings
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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