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The Singing Telegrams UK Story

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The beginnings

Many years ago, I had the idea that I would write and perform special songs for Valentine's Day. In all honesty, I don't think I had thought it through completely, but I rang Radio City and Radio Merseyside ( The two radio stations in Liverpool) and The Liverpool Echo newspaper. It was only while being interviewed by these people that my idea really began to take shape. They asked me what I would be wearing and I answered that I would be dressed as a wandering minstrel. I then had to find a costume, in time for Valentine's Day, which was only a few days away.


Valentine's Day Success

Radio Merseyside asked me to write a special Valentine's song for Radio Merseyside. I got hold of a copy of The Radio Times and wrote the song, including all of the names of the presenters and the shows on the radio station. I even included the radio phone-in telephone number. They played the song all week, they loved it that much. This was perfect because it demonstrated exactly what I could do. The next day, I went on Radio City, and sang a special valentines day for the female presenter. When I got home that evening, I had pages and pages of people wanting to book me for valentine's day.

In the end I performed 40 different songs for different people, and turned down over 200 people because I could not fit them in. Many of these people asked if I would do this for birthdays, weddings retirements and anniversaries, and this meant that I immediately had a successful business earning a regular income every week.


A successful business overnight

Saturdays were busiest, many people wanted to book me to surprise the bride and groom and sing a special song just for them. Some wanted just a song with their names in it saying all of the things they wanted to say to them on their wedding day, while others wanted me to write a special song for the couple from the information they gave me about them. These fully personalised songs were best, and I loved singing these songs, and revealing all of this information, I would otherwise not have known about.


Wedding Days














The best time for me to arrive for weddings is after the speeches while the guests are still seated, after their meal. However, these times were booked up really quickly, so many people asked me to come to the church or registery office and surprise the couples when they came out. These times soon got booked up too, and then I was asked to perform the songs at the evening reception instead, then these times would also get booked up quick, especially because I was often doing other parties for birthdays, aniiversaries and retirements on saturday eveings too. Some people even asked me to go to the bride's house at 10 o'clock in the morning as it was the only time I was available.


Over the next three years, I performed hundreds of greetings songs all over merseyside. I appeared many times in local newspapers, on local radio and even in local tv news programs. The highlights included performing for Roy Evans, at Liverpool football club, he was the coach who later became their manager. I also sang for The Liverpool Warrington Vikings baskets ball club. Over the next couple of years, other surprise greetings services started up, these were not writing special songs for people, they were just giving a kiss or taking their clothes off. After 3 years, the novelty became these kissagrams and strippergrams. I was still doing well but just not as well as I was before. I decided to travel Europe playing in duos.

A degree in pop music


In 2007, I went to University Campus Barnsley, 3 years later I graduated with an honours degree in Popular Music. I had learned to create professional recordings of my songs in a fraction of the time that it would take a professional recording studio. I realised that it would be very easy for me to record the special song for someone, in addition to writing it and performing it. So I offered the service on ebay on CD only. I printed a photo onto the body of the CD and the cover too. I had no money for advertising so the listing just sat on ebay, it turned out that the items were selling after just 3 views. Just imagine what I could achieve if I could open a featured shop on ebay. If you visit my minstrel greetings profile on ebay, you will see the amazing feedback I recieved from these customers. After all, you can hear what someone else's song sounds like but you will have no idea what it feels like to have a special song written about you or a loved one, and this, of course is what they were getting excited about.

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